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Shipping & Returns

In collaboration with the DHL package delivered to you. Then send the order to pack DHL rickwoodsgallery.co.uk receive an e-mail. Then you can track and trace information to track your order.

A DHL courier parcel package provided your order has been specified delivery address, is closed. You can work at home, although this example illustrates, at work or in your neighborhood.

If there is no response, you will receive information on the Internet to select the next delivery card. It is not, then the next business day second pass attempt. If after three delivery attempts, not output control, it will automatically be returned to us.

DHL Service Point
In addition to selecting a billing address, you can also pick up your order at one of Holland 1000 DHL service points. In the case of expenses, you can simply point to collect your order when the service.

Return or exchange? This, of course you can!
Please choose to return or exchange of goods, contact (not clean will not be returned)

Box rickwoodsgallery.co.uk Unique!
You place your order at our online shop? So, your order is always our hair rickwoodsgallery.co.uk packaging. In addition to shoes, you will receive an invoice and return the envelope.


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